Thorougly Researched Process

Once you hand over an account, we will embark on a process to optimally extract monies from your debtors. The process itself is formulated from the researched result drawn from the behavioural criteria of our database and ever changing statistical models.

Automated Notices

The technologically advanced computer system sends out notices to the debtor automatically. These notices are specially designed to maximize the profitability of receiving payments, and decided upon by the system in accordance to the circumstances.

Payment Arrangement

During the process, requests will be made for paument arrangements. Once an arrangement is made, the system will automatically send out payment reminders and take appropriate action should the debtor default on payment.


In the event that contact details are no longer valid, a tracing will be performed. A trace alert will also be uplaoded to the credit bureaus.

Section 129 & 130

A Section 129 and 130 letter or final notice will be sent in accordance to the National Credit Act, which includes notification of possible credit bureau listing.

Credit Bureau Default Listing

Communication will be sent informing the debtor of immenent listing on the national Credit Bureaus, and subsequently listed if no payment is received.

Court Action

With your prior consent, the legal procedure is initiated where summons is issued from the local Magistrates Court giving regards to jurisdiction and type of debt.

Enforcement by Sheriff

The local Sheriff will be sent to your debtor for enforcement, including warrant of execution or emoluments attachment order.

Full Amount Collected

The collection procedure will continue until the amount outstanding has been paid in full.

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